Uvalde County Road Department

HCR 32 • Box 23A   •   Uvalde, Texas 78801

830-278-9213  •  Fax 830-591-0214


2006 group photo of road department employees taken during

 the County’s Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Uvalde County Road Department Services:

· Road and bridge construction, repair, maintenance

· Brush cutting and mowing County right-of-way

· Road signs installations and repairs

· County trash collection

· County subdivision plat review

· Barricade low water crossings during flooding

· Installation of culverts

· Construction and maintenance of cattle guards

· Repair and maintenance of County dams


Jesse Garcia

Road Administrator


Danny Welch

Assistant Road Administrator


HCR 32 • Box 23A

Uvalde, TX 78801

Phone:  830-278-9213

Fax:  830-591-0214

email:  roaddept@uvaldecounty.com

Contact us:

Our mission is to provide the residents of Uvalde County with the best possible county road system.  We strive to respond to maintenance requests in a professional and timely manner.